Sydbox v2.1.0

I am happy to annouce the release of SydBox-2.1.0. This release has many fixes and some new features. Below you may find information on the recent changes and how to acquire SydBox. Changes sydbox: do not warn when reading /proc/pid/stat returns invalid argument tests: many fixes, add more test coverage sydbox: fix AArch64 compilation and tests sydbox: add many daemon options, such as --user, --group, --background, --nice etc. Read the fine manual for further details.

Sydbox v2.0.1

12 Years: SydBox-v2.0.1 I am happy to announce the release of SydBox-2.0.1, its third major release after serving as the default sandbox of Exherbo for 12 years since 2009.08.17. Read the fine manual at Check out Pandora! which is a SydBox helper to make sandboxing practical for everyone! Download . @ Tar SHA GPG https://dev.

Pandora v0.5.2

Pandora v0.5.2 is released. Pandora’s Box is a helper for SydBox, a ptrace & seccomp based sandbox to make sandboxing practical. This makes it easy for the end user to use secure computing for practical purposes. You may acquire Pandora with cargo install pandora_box. See Pandora’s page on Pandora requires Sydbox. See SydBox README to learn more about how to install SydBox. This version of Pandora updates configuration format to Sydbox API Version 2 and only works with SydBox v2.